4 Steps to Increasing Revenue in B2B Selling

It’s still first quarter and your staff is tired of trying the same old tricks to get in the door of new clients. You’re out of new products to sell, or you’re at a loss for creativity in securing existing clients. Whatever the need, here is sure-fire solution to increasing revenue without having to become an expert on the service.

1. Start a new division within your firm and become the key contact for cost recovery services. No matter what the environment, who’s in the house, senate or presidency, there are always going to be interested buyers for cost reduction, particularly if it involves little time on the part of the client, and payment is based on contingency (nothing paid for nothing found).

2. Use a back office provider to supply all of the service support for your needs, including the training to your staff and presenting to your customers.

3. Make sure you get paid for finding your clients money and shoot for residual earning that pays for years.

4. Differentiate yourself from your competition by offering this unique service and start building a team to offer your clients these value added services.